Why We Offsite: Building Culture and Success at Doximity

Sep 27, 2023 · Alex Thurston

At the heart of Doximity's culture lies a mission to connect healthcare professionals and make their lives more productive. Offsites serve as a compass–aligning every member of the team towards this common purpose. During these gatherings, we hope to be reminded and reinspired by the impact we collectively have on supporting healthcare professionals. We do all this by reinforcing our core values, fostering connections, embracing inclusion and investing in a culture of recognition.

Why do we offsite?

The answer is simple. It helps us keep values aligned, connected, inclusive and appreciated. These gatherings are more than events; they're the heartbeat of a company that thrives on purpose, communication, authenticity and the genuine contributions of its people. As we aim to make the lives of healthcare professionals more productive, offsites will continue to be a cultural pillar that helps shape our success.

Reinforcing our core values

Doximity's core values, Straight Talk, Get Stuff Done, Bring the Real You, and Stretch Goals, are highlighted and reinforced during offsites. These quarterly gatherings are where we straight talk on results and assess how we are all doing. Ensuring that every voice is heard and feeling connected helps us set stretch goals and get stuff done throughout the year.

Fostering connections

As a remote-first company, we value the autonomy and flexibility that comes with working from home. We also understand the power of in-person interactions for building meaningful connections and trusting relationships. Offsites provide a priceless opportunity to check-in on each other and meet someone new outside of your team. Forming these deeper relationships have been critical to our culture of hearing everyone’s voice and getting stuff done.

Learning from diversity and embracing inclusion

We are a company of diverse people from many different lived experiences and backgrounds. We cherish this diversity with the understanding that having a culture where you can bring the real you requires intentional investment. For this reason, we are continuously committed to increasing our diversity and embracing inclusion in how we design our offsite experiences across locations and activities. Through these efforts, we aim to prioritize safety, respect and dignity for all of our employees.

Investing in a culture of recognition

We know that sometimes achievements go unnoticed in the hustle of daily tasks. Offsites are the stage where we can shine a spotlight on the incredible work being done. Whether they're monumental product launches or exemplary acts of leadership and teamwork, we want to celebrate it.

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