Our Land Acknowledgement

Nov 30, 2021 · Health Equity & Inclusion Strategy at Doximity

At Doximity, our mission is to connect healthcare professionals and make their lives easier. This includes the responsibility to support clinicians embedding racial justice and advancing equity within and across all aspects of healthcare. As we pursue equity-centered policies, practices, and products to advance digital health, it is important for us to recognize how our current reality stems from past violations of equity principles.

This Native American Heritage Month, we acknowledge that Doximity headquarters sits on the unceded ancestral homeland of the Ramaytush Ohlone who are the original peoples of the San Francisco Peninsula. We recognize that we benefit from living and working in their traditional homeland, and we pay our respect to the Ramaytush Ohlone peoples who have stewarded this land for centuries.

American Indian peoples from many nations have lived in what is now the United States for hundreds of generations. They continue to endure the injustices of colonialism while contributing to vital parts of modern life. As medicine's largest network there's an elevated level of responsibility to everything we do. This acknowledgement serves as the beginning of building a relationship with existing American Indian healthcare organizations, such as the Association of American Indian Physicians and Association of Native American Medical Students. We believe that by amplifying and learning from the voices of American Indian healthcare leaders we can all become part of the solution in addressing health inequities across historically and socioeconomically marginalized communities.

We would like to thank the Association of Ramaytush Ohlone for their guidance in drafting this acknowledgement and look forward to demonstrating our ongoing commitment through the Yunakin Land Tax.

Illustration by Hannah Gambino

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