Doximity Latinx Heritage Month Spotlight: Phoebe Stoye

Sep 19, 2022 · Dox Spotlight

We're celebrating Latinx Heritage Month by spotlighting our Latinx Doximity employees. This week, we interviewed Phoebe Stoye, Product Manager from San Francisco, California.

What does being Latine American mean to you?

I’m a Salvadoran-European-American, with quite a bit of contrast in my background. My mom immigrated to the US from El Salvador when she was 19, fleeing from the Salvadoran Civil War with some of her family. My dad grew up in the small town of Moab, Utah, after my grandparents uprooted their family to prospect for uranium.

Feeling both Latina and American is a core part of my identity – rather than a melting pot, I feel more like a mosaic of two cultures. I love speaking Spanish with my grandma and uncles, eating pupusas, and embracing the vibrant Salvadoran culture that is inextricably tied to their home. There is something about the hope of immigration and the pain of living through a Civil War that ties my mom’s family together, and I feel pride for my heritage. But I also love experiencing other parts of my identity – spending time with my dad’s relatives from Germany, or my 107-year-old grandma, who graduated from UC Berkeley in 1937 and was one of the first female officers during World War II! In some ways, being half Latina makes me feel truly American.

What does workplace allyship look like to you?

Workplace allyship means listening to others’ perspectives, especially when the stakes are high and anyone is prone to making reactive, emotion-based decisions. While we can’t completely empathize with the cultural perspectives that any teammate brings to the workplace, I think we can do our best to observe, listen, and try to understand, without putting our own perspective or judgements first.

How has BIPOC@Dox influenced your experience at Doximity?

Doximity actively works to make BIPOC conversations important, which makes me feel comfortable bringing my full self to work. From bringing in speakers at company-wide events, to posting current events in relevant Slack channels, to the fact that we have many leaders here who are also BIPOC, each element results in more openness between teammates about being BIPOC. I feel comfortable sharing my background or even occasionally speaking Spanish if we’re in a Spanish-speaking city, because being Latin American at Doximity feels normal and accepted.

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Interview by Angelica Recierdo
Graphic by Chloe Chan

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