Doximity Latinx Heritage Month Spotlight: Crystal Lynn Perez

Oct 10, 2022 · Dox Spotlight

We're celebrating Latinx Heritage Month by spotlighting our Latinx Doximity employees. This week, we interviewed Crystal Lynn Perez, editorial assistant from Chicago, IL.

What does being Latine American mean to you?

Being Latin American means to reject colonization at all levels and by all groups. It also means to reclaim and celebrate our ancient Native American civilizations such as the Aztecs, Maya, Olmec, Inca, and many others in order to help guide us into the future.

How do you bring—or strive to bring—your full self to work?

I strive to bring my full self to work by expressing humor which is an intrinsic part of my personality.

Without humor, there would be death.

What does workplace allyship look like to you?

Workplace allyship is integral to a thriving and successful business. I think that the editorial team has a great sense of communal bond that allows us to be honest with one another. Supporting each other through challenging times also helps us all be successful, therefore, I can say that I am very grateful to be a part of my team.

How has BIPOC@Dox influenced your experience at Doximity?

BIPOC@DOX has influenced my experience here at Dox in many ways, some of which include equity, opportunity, and innovation. When Dox hires members belonging to communities of color, it helps bring equity into these communities as there is a lot of untapped talent within them. Allotting marginalized people the opportunity to express their talents allows them to disprove many stereotypical notions surrounding their intersectional identities. The reason a company is able to innovate at higher levels over competitive businesses is because when you allow for a diverse network of professionals, you harness the building blocks of interconnectivity, compassion, and empathy.

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Interview by Angelica Recierdo
Graphic by Chloe Chan

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