Doximity Latinx Heritage Month Spotlight: Camila Tormena

Oct 14, 2021 · Dox Spotlight

We'd like to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month by spotlighting our Latinx Doximity employees. This week, we interviewed Camila Tormena, Software Engineer from Brazil.

How are you taking care of yourself during challenging times?

During difficult times it's easy to be consumed by negativity and fall into bad habits. One thing that I came to accept recently is that there is a constant shift in the right balance between comforting and disciplining ourselves. As much as we should treat each other with kindness, we should also be patient with ourselves, even when we don't meet our own expectations. Delving into mindfulness has been one of the ways I found to take care of myself while facing challenging times.

On a lighter note, since Doximity allows us to work remotely, I recently moved back to Brazil with my husband after about 5 years of living in Canada. We're now living near the beach, which is very soothing, and, most importantly, we're close to our families again. We have the cutest puppy named Coco, she is the best companion and brings us joy every day. We also enjoy simple hobbies like cooking Saturday night dinners, playing video games, and watching TV shows together (puppy included!).

How do you bring—or strive to bring—your full self to work?

This is an important point to me because I believe that our work environment has a great impact on the quality of our work and lives in general. Especially after the pandemic started, my coworkers became the biggest part of my social circle (even if through google meets), and I'm truly grateful for them being who they are.

At Doximity, I feel safe to be myself and supported to do my best work. I was born and raised in Brazil, so English is not my first language, and I'm a woman who is a software engineer. Of course, I also recognize the privileges I have had in my life, but I appreciate not having to put on a persona to succeed at work, and I strive to always offer this same acceptance towards my coworkers.

What would you say to potential Latine/x candidates interested in Doximity?

I believe that at Doximity we're making a real impact in the health care industry through our products, and by consequence in the lives of real people. We also have several (official and unofficial) internal communities of people that share similar experiences.

For me, the Brazilian slack channel, the Dev Ladies group, and the Women@Dox community have been great mediums to share my experience and connect with others. And of course, the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging team works hard to make it a safe and supportive environment. Since this is a process that requires continuous improvements, having people dedicated to this goal shows a commitment towards diversity.

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