Doximity Latinx Heritage Month Spotlight: Alejandro Ramirez Dominguez

Nov 10, 2021 · Dox Spotlight

We'd like to celebrate Latinx Heritage Month by spotlighting our Latinx Doximity employees. This week, we interviewed Alejandro Ramirez Dominguez, Sr. Software Engineer from California.

What does being Latinx/Latine/Latina/Latino mean to you?

It means I can talk to other Latinos and know we have so much in common. Whether it's about growing up in a Latino household, or the struggles and misfortunes we've had to endure, we tend to have a sense of humor and can joke about it knowing very well we have survived and are stronger because of it.

How are you taking care of yourself during challenging times?

I'm an indoors person, but even I've come to realize that being inside all the time is not good for you and your mental state. Therefore, I go on a bike ride after work to force myself to go outside and get some exercise. Don't underestimate the power of simply going outside and walking around for a bit. It's simple in theory, but that is why it can be easily ignored. We all want complex solutions for our complex problems.

How has BIPOC@Dox influenced your experience at Doximity?

It serves as an ongoing example of the support from Doximity to allow its employees to attempt and tackle a complex problem. It illustrates dedication and instills confidence in the company.

How can the Latine/x community and all communities of color benefit from solidarity?

Everyone out here is just trying to do their best with what they got. It doesn't take much to find common ground with someone. We've all had to struggle and get help with something at some point in life. I got to where I am with the help and support from others. Some of which were from outside the Latino community. I am grateful to them and look forward to the day when I am in a position to help them out and make a meaningful contribution to their life just as they have done to mine.

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