Doximity Black History Month Spotlight: Melinda Sewak

Recognizing Black Leaders at Doximity

Feb 08, 2023 · Dox Spotlight

We'd like to celebrate Black History Month by spotlighting our Black Doxers. This week, we interviewed Melinda Sewak, Business Analytics Manager, from Nashville, TN.

What does being Black mean to you?

As a child of Haitian immigrants and a first-generation Black American, my Blackness is defined in large part by a spirit of revolution. In nearly everything I do, I feel a certain fearlessness — to try new things, to be bold, to be resourceful. Being Black, to me, is also finding community and joy in the collective — and freedom in the many, many shades and identities that make up our humanity.

In nearly everything I do, I feel a certain fearlessness — to try new things, to be bold, to be resourceful.

What does workplace allyship mean to you?

Workplace allyship comes in creating space for a diversity of experiences — and in bringing safety for those experiences to show up, to speak out, and to thrive. It means embracing “The Curb-Cut Effect,” and the idea that designing an environment that actively invests in accessibility enables everyone to bring their best selves — their most real and fullest selves — to the table. And it means intentionally growing that table so that we reflect the diversity in those we’re aiming to help with our work.

How are you taking care of yourself during challenging times?

By setting boundaries! As a marginalized person, my default for a long time has been to lean into overachieving to prove myself, which is so not sustainable in the long term. So I’m working hard on acknowledging when I need breaks and taking them (especially as a working mom), and actively creating more and more space for self-care and fun. Live music, theater, traveling, obsessing over F1, reading, gaming, baking, TV/movie-marathoning, powerlifting, doing absolutely nothing — I’ve got a lot of interests, so it really just depends on my mood!

How has BIPOC@Dox influenced your experience at Doximity?

Having a safe space and an intersectional collective that is here to uplift my voice and center my needs is everything. I’m grateful and hopeful that it will only continue to grow!

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