DoxGives: Crafting Connections Through Community Service

Jun 26, 2024 · Erin Gray

Nine years ago, I joined Doximity and had the fortunate opportunity to get involved with DoxGives. This initiative, started by our co-founder Shari Buck, has a simple yet powerful mission: to unite our team through acts of community service.

Strengthening Bonds Through Service

One of the aspects I value most about DoxGives is how it brings us together in ways that our everyday roles can't. Volunteering opens new avenues for interaction and understanding, enhancing our team cohesion and making our connections stronger.

Take my first DoxGives event, for instance. We assembled bicycles for children during the holiday season. Imagine this scene: small groups of us, tools in hand, eagerly constructing bikes and turning it into a friendly competition. Who could complete their bicycle the fastest? This experience, just six months into my time at Doximity, was a fantastic way for me to get to know my colleagues while bringing a little extra joy to local children during the holidays.

Adapting and Growing Through Challenges

Over the years, DoxGives has evolved. During the COVID pandemic, we shifted to “virtual giving drives,” encouraging Doximity team members to give back to their local communities. Despite the distance, we logged over 75 hours of service during this period, proving that our commitment to service is resilient and adaptable.

As things improved, we transitioned back to in-person events. Collaborating with organizations like the SF-Marin Food Bank gave our increasingly remote team a reason to come together, enjoy some fresh air, and pack bags with fresh produce, rice, and protein to provide healthy meals for local families. These events have been wonderful opportunities to reconnect with colleagues and strengthen our bonds through shared tasks and conversations.

Embracing Small Acts of Service

These acts of service offer a sense of accomplishment and joy, not only to those we help but also to ourselves. A memorable project included assembling over 500 care kits for patients and families at UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital. These kits, filled with activity books and sensory toys, were designed to offer comfort and engagement during challenging times. Knowing that we were able to play even a small role in making a challenging time more bearable felt incredibly rewarding.

The Challenge and Reward of Finding the Right Opportunities

Through DoxGives, we have learned that service goes beyond mere acts of giving; it is a powerful means of connection, growth, and impact.

Identifying good opportunities that truly contribute to the organization’s mission without creating extra work and overhead for them can be challenging, but it is a crucial part of our mission.

In this way, we strive to live the Doximity value of “Get Stuff Done.” Whether building bikes for children or packing food bags for those in need, each event reinforces our commitment to the community and each other.

A Unified Purpose

Ultimately, DoxGives is about coming together as a team, a company, and a community. It encapsulates the spirit of unity and service that defines Doximity. I’m proud to be a part of DoxGives and look forward to many more years of participating in meaningful acts of service alongside my fellow Doxers!

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